[Video] BMW 128ti vs Golf GTi: Which outranks another?

When the BMW 128ti was released, car enthusiasts could not help but compare it to its counterpart, the Volkswagen GTI. The two vehicles are actually not in the same bracket since the latter has established a good record in the hot hatch performance game, thus it easily wins when compared to other models. On the other hand, the BMW 128ti is marketed as a high-end vehicle, so basically it’s difficult to compare two models that offer different things.

With the BMW and the Golf’s obvious differences, there are actually similarities if we take a look at the specs. Both have turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engines with identical power, and only one has rear-wheel drive. To see which is better, the reviewers at Cars.co.za found some good arguments in comparing the two. 

People have been talking about the old 1 Series with the rear-wheel-drive since it was introduced. It is the only feature that makes it stand out when compared to other vehicles in the platoon. This used to be its main selling point, but customers are no longer interested in the extra work, preferring instead greater space, modern technologies, and a more comfortable design. BMW has had to adapt quickly because it needs to be profitable to stay in business.

The new 1 Series feature xDrive all-wheel drive, but it’s a technology built on the front-wheel-drive foundation. The BMW 128ti is designed as a fun- to- drive and is purely a front-wheel drive. The Golf is only 2 seconds faster than the BMW over the same distance. Check out the video to see what else you might like about the Bavarian model.

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