[VIDEO] Achilles Tries Out BMW Z4 M40i tuned by AC Schnitzer

Earlier this month, Joe Achilles announced that he would be trading in his BMW M3 Competition for an M3 Competition with all-wheel drive. His previous M3 had to be traded in due to the imminent arrival of xDrive, leaving him without a reliable everyday car. Achilles is lucky to have a good relationship with his BMW dealer, who lent him an everyday driver while waiting. There is no doubt about it: this car is a real beauty. So, for the mean time, Achilles drives a BMW Z4 M40i – tuned by AC Schnitzer.

The car is a modified version of the BMW Z4 M40i and goes by the name Z4 M40i ACS4. A new coilover suspension, engine tuning, AC Schnitzer exhaust and a body package distinguish it from the normal Z4 M40i. The result is a vehicle that is significantly sharper than a normal car in both looks and performance.

What is unique about the Z4 is its resemblance to an insectoid. BMW’s Z4 M40i is like a muscle car in a roadster thanks to its big B58 engine, light weight and ability to drive with the top down.

All in all, the BMW Z4 M40i ACS4 sounds good, with a deeper growl than the standard car and some very fun turbo sounds, although Achilles has not spent much time with the car yet.

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