Snippet of the upcoming X3 M and X4 M Facelift

We already know that LCI facelifts for the BMW X3 M and X4 M are on the way, with a three-year development cycle. We’ve seen spy photos, leaked photos, and renders of both cars so far. But it’s not hard to figure out what they’ll look like. Despite the teaser showing off very little, we get a good idea of what both cars will look like in this new teaser.

Watch the full teaser here.

We see a heist in this teaser, with mysterious people handing each other mysterious keys. They get into vaguely high-speed car chases and talking about grabbing some mysterious bag with unknown contents. It’s as if BMW M fed every Michael Bay film’s script into an algorithm, which then wrote a trailer for a BMW commercial.

The BMW X3 M and X4 M, on the other hand, are show-stoppers. We never see the cars in the clip, only brief glimpses of certain details, so it’s kind of like that. Those details, however, give us a hint as to what kind of updates the newly LCI’d X3 M and M4 M will receive.


To begin, we get a close look at the new headlights. Both cars will be also equipped with BMW’s latest laser lights as an option. The new Live Cockpit Professional digital gauge cluster will also be installed, as evidenced by the backward tachometer rev in the video. There’s also a quick flash of the new iDrive screen, which we know will be available on the X3 M and X4 M. Unfortunately, neither car will receive the BMW iX’s new iDrive system 8, which is fantastic.

We’re still excited about both updates, despite how predictable they are. The BMW X3 M, along with the X4 M, is one of BMW’s most pleasurable vehicles ever produced.

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