[Video] A review of MINI Electric Range

When it comes to electric vehicles, the most common concern is still about range. Although most of us don’t drive more than 20-30 miles a day, people have become so used to getting 300 miles out of a tank of gas. As a result, any EV on the market is measured solely on this basis, and the MINI Electric Range is no exception.

The EVs are often more vulnerable to environmental factors, such as the climate. As a consequence, extreme tests conducted in extreme weather conditions can yield different results. The guys from Car Advice wanted and put the MINI Electric Range to the test to see how it performs. As one would expect from Australia, the weather was mild. Thus requiring the participants to use climate control, which had a significant effect on the results.

The test was conducted on the highway, which is far from the MINI Electric’s optimal utilization case. The small electric hatch was designed to be used mainly in urban areas. And that’s where it’ll be at its most powerful. . However, in this case, the guys are not only taking the car out of the area, but they are also driving it at high speed, attempting to average 100 km/h (62 mph) since the electric motor has to operate at higher RPMs at highway speeds, the energy consumption skyrockets.

The way the test was set up was also very interesting, taking into account a number of variables, including elevation. The guys turned around and returned to the city as soon as the battery reached 50 percent charge (after covering 110 kilometers). Finally, the range obtained at such high speeds was more than 200 kilometers, which was not poor at all. However, you should keep in mind that this isn’t the MINI’s best use case.

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