Top Gear: BMW 128ti might beat the new Volkswagen GTI

Remember when BMW announced their plans of making the new 128ti – simpler and more driver-focused version of the 1 Series? Everyone anticipated it as it seems like the best-driving version of the 1 Series.  The guys from Top Gear brings in a new review of the BMW 128ti. They call it the best new 1 Series, even considering it as possibly a better car than the new Volkswagen GTI. What? Did I read that right?

Top Gear BMW 128ti might beat the new Volkswagen GTI

It’s undeniable that the GTI is the best all-around daily driver, and VW Group haters just can’t look past their brand biases. In fact, we have the previous-gen Mk7 GTI that was about as close to perfect as cars can get. However,  fans and enthusiasts take flak over the new Mk8 as it apparently lost magic while having a frustrating interior. Because of that, the BMW 128ti might have the chance of toppling down the great GTI. Well, with some surprisingly good hot-hatch dynamics, who knows?

Rest assured that the new BMW 128ti isn’t some hooligan hot-hatch, such as a Ford Fiesta ST or a Hyundai i30 (Veloster) N. It has these characteristics of maturity and refinement, yet still strikingly fun to ride on. It features sharp steering with almost no torque steer/understeer. While offering a near-flawless suspension setup (which is bespoke to the 128ti) and a vicious little four-cylinder engine.

Top Gear BMW 128ti might beat the new Volkswagen GTI

Top Gear mentioned that BMW had a clear and specific benchmark for the 128ti – the Volkswagen GTI. They further insisted that they’ve never driven a car that wasn’t a GTI yet feels so much like so. Although, BMW purists might be dissident about it as the GTI has always been at the top of premium hot-hatches since its debut, and Volkswagen is far more experienced in making such cars. Therefore, saying that BMW can go against and possibly topple such an accomplished car is something.

[Source: Top Gear]

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