The official launch of 2022 BMW i4 – BMW’s First Electric Sports Sedan

Today is the day when we can finally see the BMW i4, BMW’s first electric sports sedan in all of its magnificence. There’s no need to hide behind camouflage or fabric any longer. BMW has been hyping the i4 — the car that is meant to finally take on Tesla — for what seems like an eternity, and now we finally get to see if it indeed can.

BMW's First Electric Sports Sedan - Front Angle

We’ve already seen the outside or at least a portion of it. BMW revealed some exterior shots a while back, but they only showed the design’s meat and potatoes. We didn’t get any close-ups or rolling shots, and we didn’t see any interiors. We now have it all, as well as all of the geeky tech specs we’ve been waiting for. Will the BMW i4 be able to compete with the Tesla Model 3?

BMW's First Electric Sports Sedan - Front Direct

The BMW i4 looks similar to a conventional BMW from the outside. It showcases all the BMW elements, such as the kidney “grille,” Hofmeister kink, and classic rear-drive proportions. Aside from the i4’s fake kidney grille and blue accents, you’d never guess it wasn’t a regular BMW. Because the outgoing 4 Series Gran Coupe has become such a familiar shape, the i4’s roofline and tall rear deck no longer appear unusual. The i4 will trick a lot of friends who won’t realize your car is an electric sports sedan right away.

M-tuned BMW i4

The official launch of 2022 BMW i4  - BMW's First Electric Sports Sedan

BMW is really worth praising for developing an M Performance variant of the i4 and providing it the typical M Performance appearance. Any current BMW client will feel right at home with the i4 M50, as it is the sportier variant with a more distinctive appearance. When it comes to EVs, such differentiation will be critical in persuading legacy purchasers who prefer to see the sportier, sexier car in the showroom.

The BMW i4 M50, in particular, looks great, especially in Portimao Blue, a traditional M Performance color. It has the perfect proportions, a characteristic BMW Gran Coupe shape, 4 Series taillights that fit on a larger sedan, flat door handles that look excellent, and extremely cool aero wheels.

The i4 also features a 1.3-inch lower center of gravity than the conventional 3 Series. But what’s more fascinating is that the entry-level BMW i4 40 has a 2.1-inch lower center of gravity. It also has somewhat broader front and back wheel tracks than the 3er. As a result, it should be more agile.

Fast Charging BMW

Along with its new BMW iX sister, the BMW i4 is the fastest charging Bimmer yet. With a suitable DC fast charger, the i4 can charge up to 200 kW. The BMW i4 40 can recharge 102 miles of range in ten minutes at such speed, whereas the i4 M50 only gets 87 miles in the same period. It can also be charged at 11 kW at home using a Level 2 charger, which will take eight hours to charge completely.


The windscreen of the BMW i4 comes with standard acoustic glazing. It also exhibits a heated exterior mirror and an auto-dimming rearview mirror. This electric sports sedan comes standard with a ten-speaker audio system and a 205-watt amplifier as part of the BMW Live Cockpit Professional. Optional features include a Harman Kardon surround sound system with 16 speakers and a digital seven-channel amplifier generating 464 watts of music output.

Created specifically for electrified BMW vehicles, the i4 also comes with an Acoustic Pedestrian Protection that is artificially generated and transmitted through an outside speaker. The sound is audible at speeds of up to 19 mph.

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