[Review] Can the BMW M4 GTS be a Future Classic?

As a proud owner of a BMW M4 GTS, Didier has always dreamt about the street-legal racing car. That’s why this M4 GTS has a very special place in his heart. The Recaro carbon fibre bucket seats, the roll cage at the rear and the massive carbon fibre spoiler catch his attention. What many may not know is that the latter is manually adjustable and has three different positions. In its most aggressive position, it can generate 210 pounds of downforce at 183 mph.

Another impressive aspect of the car is its drivetrain. This is the first time BMW has used water injection in a road car. Much has been said about BMW’s water injection technology. It involves injecting water under high pressure into the intake tract. Due to the heat, the mist turns to vapour at 145 psi and the resulting cooling effect on the combustion chamber is considerable. This allows BMW to increase the boost pressure of the turbo from 17.2 psi to 21.6 psi without the risk of engine squeal.

The driving experience is beyond that of the “normal” BMW M3 or M4. Even the Competition variants cannot keep up with the M4 GTS. The front has much more grip and the steering is much more precise. This boosts confidence when you accelerate aggressively on the racetrack, which is exactly what this car is for. The driving position is also great in this car. Even the extra 50 hp does not make much difference in real-world conditions. But the M4 GTS delivers its power in a more aggressive way.

Didier feels his car deserves a “flashier” paint job, so he changed the original colour to Black Sapphire Metallic. Jeff Koons’ stunning BMW Art Car #17, the BMW M3 GT2, was the inspiration for this livery. There is no better car for this artwork than the BMW M4 GTS. For this reason, he teamed up with Nathan Haetty, a well-known sports car designer. Needless to say, the end result exceeded my expectations and was exactly what I had hoped for. . The spoiler of the M4 GTS was exchanged for that of the M4 GT4, and the canards and brake ducts were inserted. The result is a more aggressive look. That’s why he believes the BMW M4 GTS will be a future classic, given the short lifespan of pure race cars with combustion engines.

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