Racing MIMI Triumphs in Romanian Rally Championship

Racing MIMI, the first racing MINI Cooper SE, made history in the Romanian Super Rally Championship in a rally world dominated by combustion engines. Tuned by Romania’s Engage Engineering team, it secured the national title in Class 2A, beating its combustion rivals.

Horia Platona, behind the wheel, faced stronger ICE cars across six stages. With two third-place finishes, Racing MIMI needed a standout performance in the last rainy race in Bucharest. A second-place finish earned it 89 points, just one ahead of its class.

In the rainy UniCredit Leasing Trophy, Racing MIMI, cautious yet swift, finished ninth overall, surpassing supercars like Ferrari and Audi, and the rally icon, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo.

Specially prepared for racing, Racing MIMI kept its original battery and motor, showcasing the car’s performance and the driver’s skill. With upgrades for the 2023 season, Racing MIMI’s legacy continues as MINI unveils the second-generation Cooper SE, sparking curiosity about its next electrifying move on the new platform.

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