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New Spy Photos of the 2024 BMW X2, Current Model Canceled

BMW’s development with its extensive lineup of vehicles never stops. In fact, it keeps expanding yearly. A new iteration of the 2024 BMW X2 is coming, as seen by spy shots. It claims to have the swooping variant of the X1 again and the internal designation “U10”. The disguised prototype shows the Munich designers are leaning more toward the Sports Activity Coupe (SAC) style to mimic the larger X4 and X6.

The 2024 BMW X2 appears to be significantly larger than the present X2. This should not be surprising given that the mechanically related X1 already measures 4.5 metres in length or 177 inches. A new X2 is unquestionably on the way. However, there are rumours that the combustion engine-powered next-generation X4 has been shelved. Meanwhile, BMW is developing an electric iX4 in its place.

The X2 prototype uses the same adaptive LED headlights as the 2023 X1 while heavily covered. Instead of the vertical bars of the standard crossover, these surrounded a distinctive grille with interlocking rhombs. The integrated rear spoiler and considerably altered roofline are not invisible at all with BMW’s makeup.

The twin screens set aside for the Operating System 8 are visible from varied angles. This new X2 will also mirror the arrangement featured in the most recent X1. With this, the infotainment system should have a 10.7-inch diagonal, and the instrument cluster should measure 10.25 inches. Given that the X1 lacks a rotary knob, we can infer that the iDrive’s rotary knob will be removed.

We also anticipate its elegant cousin to receive an electric drivetrain for an iX2 variant, much like the crossover with a more traditional design. Additionally, a high-performance M35i model with a 315-horsepower B48 engine and quad exhaust tips is in the making.

Before a rumoured production starts in November 2023, expect the formal debut sometime next year. According to speculation, BMW USA decided against selling the electric iX2 in the US, following the same course as the iX1. The svelte compact crossover might only be available in the US in the M35i xDrive and xDrive28i trim levels.

The latest X2 (F39) is already out of production, a company official stated in an interview this week. However, in the upcoming months, you should still be able to find a pre-built vehicle at many dealers all around the world.

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