New Mini coming in 2010, it’s an SUV

There is a new Mini coming in 2010 with more space, and the SAV label. Yes thats right folks the rumored Mini SAV has been confirmed and it will be built by Magna Steyr Fahrzeugtechnik in Graz, Austria. “The cooperation with Magna Steyr is an efficient way for BMW Group to ensure the planned profitable growth through new model launches set out in the company’s strategic alignment.”

With the high demand all of the different Mini models, and the huge interest of the Mini Sav, Mini had to think of a way to get the Mini SAVS produced without cutting into the production numbers of their current lineup ,hence why the choose Magna to produce the new Mini SAV’s. Frank-Peter Arndt, Head of Production and Member of of the Board of Management of BMW AG , states in the press release the “Magna solution” will also allow us to bring the MINI SAV to the market as quickly as possible.”
Just who is Magna and why are they trusted with the Mini SAV production? For those that don’t know, Magna is an experienced partner of the BMW Group and helped produce the BMW X3. The co-CEO of Magna International sees the new production work as a “huge recognition of the work that Magna Steyr has achieved so far through its partnership with BMW Group. ”

One things for sure, this new Mini SAV has got us buzzing.

Read the full press release at luxvelocity

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