///M DNA Embedded on the New BMW X5

According to BMW chassis chief Heinz Krusche, there has been a lot of feedback regarding the good tuning of both the X5 M and X6 M. This was their main motivation in giving the new X5 more of the “good tuning” too. The standard model for DTC of the M version caused less understeer and more neutral handling characteristics. Not only does this make it run smooth, it also adds agility of the handling. Aside from the standard features, the new BMW now has drive assist systems like cruise control which auto-brakes into bends if it senses that the car is not running according standard parameters. The car senses if it’s position gets uncomfortable. And when it does, it auto-brakes, slows down, and returns the car into comfortable parameters — all done without the help of the driver. It does that through careful analysis of wheel speed, steering angle and lateral acceleration. The car has been designed to calculate standard parameters where it feels comfortable. Quite cool huh?

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