LOOK: G-Power Upgraded BMW M3 G80 To 710 HP

About a year ago, G-Power introduced a 700-horsepower package for the BMW M3. This time, the German tuner has outdone itself by creating a kit specifically for the G80 that boosts the inline-six engine to new heights. The BMW expert offers three different tunes for the 3.0-litre twin-turbo engine, with the GP-720 being the most potent.

The kit increases the S58 engine’s power to a whopping 720 PS or 710 hp. Furthermore, the maximum torque rises to 850 Nm. Compared to BMW’s most potent application of the engine to date, the M4 CSL special edition, these figures are pretty respectable.

With G-Power’s assistance, the limiter can be removed, allowing for a top speed of 320 km/h (or nearly 200 mph) in addition to the increased output of 167 hp and 200 Nm. The German tuner is happy to remove your factory exhaust in favour of their custom system, which features adaptive flaps to fine-tune your vehicle’s sound on the fly. The exhaust system has two carbon-coated finishers, one 100 mm and one 110 mm.

G-Power offers fewer packages for the BMW M3 G80 if the thought of over 700 hp is too much. The standard upgrade increases the inline-six engine’s output to 612 hp (456 kW), while the optional mid-level package boosts those figures to 661 hp and 800 Nm (590 lb-ft). Custom wheels in sizes 20 inches up front and 21 inches in the back would look great with the beefier engine. G-Power is developing a vented carbon fibre hood that will be available in its natural state or with partial paint. The latest M3 offers an optional large wing for the back, a carbon steering wheel (with LEDs), and new floor mats for the cabin.

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