Check out the First BMW 8 Series x Jeff Koons Car in the US

It was Andy Warhol or Alexander Calder who came up with these beautiful examples of rolling art. For the most part, these vehicles remained hidden away in museums, visible only to a select group of visitors. However, shoppers can now purchase these more modern variants, which look just as lovely as the classics. One of Jeff Koons’ recent creations is the BMW M850i Gran Coupe. Kris, a Texas resident, was one of Jeff Koons’ 8 Series’ earliest clients to get his purchase.

One of the most favourite cars is the M850i by Koons especially since comic books and superhero cartoons provided them with a fun diversion and established a fan base. Seeing Koons’ comic-inspired design would surely delight these fa. The “Pow!” onomatopoeia and rapid puffs of smoke give the M850i Gran Coupe a surprisingly enjoyable vibe that’s not available before. The 8 Series Gran Coupe is a beautiful but also a very serious car.

While the front of the building is bursting with colour and creativity, the interior is more subdued. Its fantastic red and blue colour scheme harkens back to Superman and maintains the comic book feel. It might potentially be Spider-Man, but the way the colours are employed is more suggestive of Superman.

The Jeff Koons BMW M850i Gran Coupe is nothing more than a typical automobile, despite its edgy appearance. If you’re looking for the same 4.4-liter V8 that produces 523 horsepower, the same eight-speed automatic transmission, and the same xDrive all-wheel drive system, you’ll be happy to hear that. Additionally, this implies that it’s extremely hygienic, silent, and quick. With Jeff Koons’ design on the M850i Gran Coupé, you’ll be driving a fantastic GT vehicle. It should also be a good investment. Only 99 of the Koons 8 Series Gran Coupes will be made, making them extremely limited. Jeff Koons, a renowned artist, developed the paint job, making it instantly valuable to art enthusiasts.

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