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Can the BMW M3 be a Good Family Car?

As a family car, the BMW M3 with its five seats and the large boot is good enough to send children to school. What’s more, this four-door sedan can be your next sports car even though there are plenty of options on the market.

Top Gear has published a new five-way comparison test pitting the BMW M3 against an unusual selection of family cars. Included here are including the BMW 128ti, Volkswagen Golf R, Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo and Hyundai i20N. It’s not exactly an apples-to-apples comparison test, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

Apart from the Taycan, the BMW M3 was the fastest, but also the least fun to drive. A family car, according to TG, should not be so serious, spikey, or violent; it feels like a business car and is no fun to drive. Its rear-wheel-drive made driving in the rain a challenge. xDrive would improve traction, but not the driving experience. The Taycan Cross Turismo was voted the most fun car in the group, which goes against the usual opinion.

Unexpectedly, a vehicle that was superior to a family car (for the most part) in terms of both driver engagement and practicality stood out. And it was considered the best of the group. It proves that a sports car does not have to have 500 hp to excite and engage its passengers and drivers alike. It is also proof that a great sports car can also serve as a reliable family vehicle.

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