Bulldog Racing MINI sets to return to the Nürburgring for 2023

Bulldog Racing MINI was a crowd favourite at the 24 Hours of Nürburgring last month despite having no chance of finishing the race. When it was hit twice and got more damage, which caused its DNF (Did Not Finish) stance, it still managed to draw the crowd’s attention. 

The Bulldog Mini was on hand for Horatiu’s Goodwood debut, and he got to drive with Charlie Cooper. On the other hand, they did it on public roads, which is unusual for race cars. John Cooper’s original garage, where the racing Minis were born, was passed by as they drove by. Alec Issigonis came up with the idea for the Mini. However, John Cooper’s involvement in Mini racing is just as significant. He is John Cooper’s grandson, and he is continuing the family’s racing history in MINIs.

This striking small car comes with its red and white colour scheme, aggressive aerodynamics, centre exhaust, and enormous back wing. Though it has a roll cage and race seats with harnesses, the inside is very sparse for a Rolls-Royce, but then the single-seater has a 100-gallon tank and Makrolon window panes (in this case, a double-seater so we can ride along). The M Performance brakes were from BMW, and a roll cage protected the OMP bucket seat.

The road-going version’s eight-speed Steptronic transmission is employed to get the 302bhp engine moving. It has a mechanical differential lock with a maximum locking effect of 70% to improve torque distribution in the John Cooper Works model. They use a pneumatic lifting system with a race car-specific catalytic converter for rapid wheel changes. Even though it had not proven well its potential, it shows as an incredible small car at the Nürburgring. Moreover, it hopes to return the Nürburgring for 2023.

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