BMW’s Former Chief Designer Chris Bangle moving back to Fiat?

Rumor has it that Chris Bangle, former chief designer of BMW, might just be moving back to Fiat. Fiat is planning to create a new line, and they would largely need the help of a radical designer tomake it work.

Before joining BMW and making a very good reputation as the most influential car designer of all time, Bangle had already worked for Fiat. Both gaining bad and good reviews for his work, Bangle was known for his radical and contemporary design. He made BMW design famous — and the envy of other brands aside from technology and driving dynamics. In fact, his designs were being imitated by many Asian automotive brands as well. Bangle retired back in March 2009 after 16 years of service to BMW.  

He is now focused on his own design consultancy firm named Chris Bangle Associates, and growing his own vineyard so he can pursue his passion for fine wine. He did not forget his love for automotive design though. Teaching design at famous art schools and going to automotive shows keeps him in touch with his previous profession.

Though Bangle’s return to the automotive industry is still not confirmed by him or Fiat, it will be exciting for him to once again create radical designs that influence the whole automotive world.

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