BMW will be making the future FWD 1 Series seriously sporty

The news of BMW introducing the next generation 1 Series with a front-wheel drive mechanism had already been reported previously. There was initial doubt whether BMW is serious in making front-wheel drives, unlike what they usually do with their cars. But now, more details about the FWD 1 Series models have broke out.

Rumor has it that these FWD 1 Series will have a 4-cylinder and a 3-cylinder version.  Critics say that based on this information alone, there are serious doubts with the performance of these cars. Since both 4-cylinder and 3-cylinder are specially designed for efficiency and budget, it is less likely to perform like a true BMW does. If this happens, can BMW still promise both efficiency and performance at the same time? Will this bring sheer driving pleasure as well?

On a lighter note, BMW is said to make the FWD 1 Series in a serious, refined, and very sporty manner. To add, it will also produce less carbon emissions. Thus these may not be entry level vehicles in the first place. Until official details are released, we cannot judge the FWD 1 Series yet.

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