BMW preview the Malaysian GP


BMW feeling confident ahead of the Malaysian GP…

Nick Heidfeld:
"The Malaysian Grand Prix is unusual mainly for its high temperatures
and extreme humidity. Basically I don't have a problem with that. Last
year I started from tenth place and made it onto the podium – for me it
was one of the most exciting races ever. I had some tough duels and a
lot of fun.

We have experienced some incredible cloudbursts in Sepang,
but I can live with that as I basically enjoy driving on a wet track.
So far, I've managed quite well in Malaysia whatever the conditions. I
also know the country quite well by now. To get acclimatised I have
often taken a brief holiday there before the race, and there has also
been plenty on the Petronas agenda – that's Malaysia's oil and gas
company, who were also our sponsors back in the years when I was
driving for Sauber. When you see the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala
Lumpur, you get some idea of how important this company is for the

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