BMW Munich Plant Celebrates Its Centenary, Announces more EVs

Bayerische Motoren Werke opened a shop in the Milbertshofen district in 1922. And it became the main factor of BMW Group. Now, the BMW Munich plant celebrates its centenary. It also announces more EVs in production starting from 2023.

BMW Munich Plant Celebrates Its Centenary, Announces more EVs in Production

This year BMW Group’s Munich plant celebrates its 100th anniversary. Bayerische Motoren Werke’s shop in 1922 mainly manufactured aircraft engines and motorcycles. It was then in 1952 that the shop started producing cars. Now, in 2022, various BMW models have rolled out from the main plant. The Munich plan approximately produces 900 vehicles a day; with the i4 receiving higher demands.

The i4 already makes up for a quarter of the plant’s volume, with production expected to reach 50% in 2023. After doing the calculations, BMW assumes that the plant will assemble 100,000 i4s next year. Because of this, the main plant will reach its 2030 goal of increased EV production.

With the enormous demand for the i4 comes the increased production of the said model. Based on BMW’s current plans, one in every two cars produced in Munich in 2023 will be an EV.

BMW Munich Plant Celebrates Its Centenary, Announces more EVs in Production

BMW will also assemble a 3 Series Sedan, Touring, and M3 along with the i4 and 4 Series Gran Coupe. As the BMW Munich plant celebrates its centenary, significant changes will happen as well. Its old paint shop will become a new body construction facility. In 2023, the plant will also have a new assembly for the preparation of the Neue Klasse models.

Other related plans also include a new carbon-neutral factory in Debrecen, Hungary in 2025. This will become BMW’s first plant to assemble a NE-based electric car. This new model will compete with the 3 Series segment. In 2026, the Munich plant will also produce an unrevealed zero-emissions model. Also, the original Neue Klasse was produced in the Munich plant between the 1960s and 1970s.

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