BMW Megacity Vehicle produces 600 jobs in Germany

When BMW’s Project i Program for the Megacity Vehicle is launched in 2013, it will be producing 600 new jobs in Germany.

Even if the carbon fiber will be produced in the SGL Group and BMW’s new plant in Washington, USA, there will still be jobs that need to be filled for the vehicle treatment and assembly. 80 jobs were opened in Washington for the carbon fiber creation, to add to the 600 more needed in Bavaria and Leipzig, Germany.

Since the Leipzig plant has enough real estate space for expansion, it will be put to good use as more production lines are needed for the Megacity Vehicle project. Once the project starts in 2013, the production of batteries for the electric cars will be moved from Munich to Leipzig as well. This explains why BMW is currently the largest employer in Leipzig.

If the carbon fiber will prove to be successful in its cause and useful in modern lightweight automobile technology, BMW can generate future profit by selling the skill and knowledge that they are getting today in this industry to other manufacturers.

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