BMW M340i sedan and M440i to offer Carbon Fibre Roof

The carbon fibre option for M340i and M440i Coupe will be one of the most significant enhancements to the BMW lineup in 2021. The guy from BMWblog has discovered that some regions, like the UK, will receive their first units in June-July. But this roll-out will still vary by nation. It’s also uncertain whether the option will be available in all markets, including North America. They have reached out to BMW of North America for comment, and they will release an update as soon as they hear from them.

BMW M340i sedan and M440i to offer Carbon Fibre Roof

But for the time being, at least one market has been confirmed. It appears that the carbon fibre roof will be available solely on the aforementioned model.

The optional lightweight roof for the M340i and M440i seems to be a factory install compared to the carbon fibre roof installation done by dealerships for the M2 Competition. This is excellent news, as few BMW dealers have undertaken the difficult work of installing a carbon fibre roof at their locations.

Customers will find the M340i and M440i much more appealing as a result of this new option. The vehicle will lose some weight and will gain more improvement in terms of aesthetic appearance. Even if the two M Performance Automobiles are already a blast to drive, the carbon fibre will also boost their performance.

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