BMW M3 F80 With 580 Wheel HP Pushed Its Limits At The ‘Ring

Extreme BMW M3s have been seen before, but rarely in full glory. YouTuber Misha Charoudin used a Tom Wrigley Performance Stage 3 kit to step on the accelerator of this F80 in a YouTube video. Methanol injection and hybrid turbochargers are now possible with this engine.

Thanks to its 580 hp and carbon-ceramic brakes, the M3 can stop quickly and efficiently on the race track. The sports saloon has an Oehlins Road & Track coil-over suspension and a straight-through exhaust system. The owner has indicated that he would like to remove the rear seat to save weight.

It is possible that the video was taken during the actual Nordschleife drive without the stabilisation function activated. These onboard video snippets do not usually see a fast-paced driving experience. If you watch a race from the grandstand, you will probably observe a much calmer person than the driver. Although Misha does not like the M3 F80, the owner was thrilled to watch it burn on the gruelling Green Hell course. The track is definitely not flat, although the video may make you dizzy. A rocky lap tested the unique suspension of the sports sedan.

It did not matter which car you drove that day; not even the bright orange Porsche 911 could keep up with the heavily modified BMW. As the M3 is prone to excessive sway, Mischa believes the car could benefit from a few changes to the suspension. You could tell that the Nordschleife was familiar terrain for him, as he had already completed numerous laps.

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