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BMW M135i vs Volkswagen Golf R in a Top Gear Test

Both the BMW M135i and the Volkswagen Golf R have the same problem: a lack of exhilaration. The two cars are great daily drivers – fast, comfortable and practical. Although both cars have excellent performance and agility, they are not particularly fun to drive. However, most enthusiasts think that the Golf R is more exciting. A tuning package from AC Schnitzer can help M135i owners get the best out of their car.

Top Gear puts the ASC1 AC Schnitzer tuned BMW M135i against the new Mk8 Volkswagen Golf R to see if it can beat the more powerful Volkswagen.

The ASC1 package includes AC Schnitzer offering a new coilover suspension an new wheels, tires, and other exterior and interior components. Coilovers can be fine-tunedyourself, but the AC Schnitzer coilovers are delivered pre-optimised after extensive testing on Germany’s most famous race track. The M135i is only fun when the coilover suspension is installed.

The BMW M135i coilover suspension from AC Schnitzer’s makes the BMW M135i more fun, sharper and more engaging than the standard equipment without sacrificing comfort. The ASC1 is an amazing upgrade over the regular car, even if it does not add any performance. The world’s most popular super-hatch, the Volkswagen Golf R, is about to be dethroned. While the ASC1 brings a lot of fun, it costs a lot of money and requires an aftermarket solution to make it work properly. Certainly, the Golf R is not flawless, but it is one step ahead of the BMW M135i from the factory.

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