BMW Head of Design Calls New Design Icons to be Necessary

Earlier this week, Domagoj Dukec, BMW Head of Design, meets the BMWblog group. BMW Group Design Chief Adrian Van Hooydonk also joins them to talk about the new and controversial designs of the latest BMW cars. 2020 was evidently a challenging year for everyone, including for the automakers. For example, BMW showcased the new 4 Series Coupe in Summer 2020. It is a previously well-known model but became quite controversial. Its new design language is the reason for this. Undoubtedly, the controversy can be associated mostly to its massive kidney grille.

The BMW G80 M3 and G82 M4 are the next new products that BMW has launched. These prime models of the M family also showcase a similar massive kidney grille. As a result, slightly vicious feedback from the car enthusiasts blew up through online platforms. BMW’s new products certainly need a more effective marketing strategy. And many would als contest that an in-person experience will definitely help.

In the discussion with BMW Head of Design and BMW Group Design Chief, one of the evident main topics would be the recent design language that BMW has integrated. This also includes the feedback that the team received. Dukec states how there are some products, whether these are cars or other physical items, that can be best experienced face to face. The BMW Head of Design further adds how they believe that customers will give a different opinion of their new kidney grille. This is a fact especially when they encounter the new M3 or M4 in real life.

The comment of BMW’s Head of Design is confident enough because of some gained evidences. For instance, BMW already gained some positive feedback from those who finally experienced their latest products in person. However, BMWblog wants to know more about the new design language. With this, the Head of Design gives a brief PowerPoint presentation to show the thought process behind the design process. This, evidently, highlights the designing of the bold and oversized kidney grille.

A new customer persona is what BMW aims for. They also call them the “Elegant Creators” and “Expressive Performers”. BMWBlog aligns this with seeing the meeting of the Y and Z generations. This was evident especially when Dukec presented their design process. This is more evident on the electric side of the process as well. As for the “Elegant” side of the process, it’s the 4 Series Gran Coupe that will definitely stand out.

So the question now comes in. How does this people design for a very diversified customer base. BMW’s Head of Design believes that over time, changes need to take place. While design icons are definitely significant to the brand, it is just essential. This is a fact especially when several automakers have already copied the current and/or previous designs. We can then observe the same logic applied to the latest products’ oversized kidney grille.

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