BMW encourages Dealers to go Paperless

Prestige BMW, a giant dealership in USA, highlights the advantages of going paperless and just closing vehicles electronically. Prestige’s business manager Brian Blum says that they get paid by BMW Financial Services the same day if an e-contract is submitted by mid-afternoon. So far, their dealership is gaining benefits by going paperless.

Aside from easy checking for errors and omissions, it also minimizes the long process of correcting mistakes with the customer’s paper forms.  The system itself does the checks and balances, thus human mistakes are avoided. It also increases customer satisfaction. But most dealerships are still reluctant to go paperless even if BMW has offered this option for 7 years already.

Some of the common objections to going paperless are dealers being reluctant to try something new, familiarity with paper forms, other forms like extended warranty, title and driver’s license photocopy, are not available electronically, having authentic signatures on paper which are a requirement of some lenders.

Nonetheless, going paperless is still a good idea because of the environmental benefits that we can get from it.

Source: Autonews

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