BMW Beats Tesla As America’s “Most Considered” Brand

Kelley Blue Book’s Brand Watch report determines customers’ most considered brands. They analyze shopping behavior and use customer surveys for the report. For luxury cars, BMW beats Tesla and other brands as America’s “Most Considered” brand.

BMW Beats Tesla As America’s “Most Considered” Brand

A remarkable 21 percent of American luxury car consumers considered BMW in this year’s first quarter. This percentage is three percent higher compared to Cadillac, the second-place brand. Mercedes-Benz is the second German brand on the list but the fourth place overall. Audi is another German automaker in the top ten, placing sixth. Lexus snatched third place overall with 17 percent.

On the other hand, Tesla, which earned the top spot years ago, fell to fifth place. With 15 percent, it is intriguing why Tesla dropped so low on the list. One of the reasons why Tesla fell hard is because they did not offer much this year. The Model S getting a facelift this year was the only new thing Tesla provided

Also, other luxury carmakers are entering the EVs segment where Tesla used to reign. With more choices to choose from, Tesla did not enjoy much attention as before. Nevertheless, Tesla claimed that its consumers are loyal and won’t consider other brands. True enough, they still have around 75 percent share in the EV market.

BMW beats Tesla in releasing new vehicles this year. We expect BMW to continue reigning at the top as it rolls out its new EV models. Fans are excited to see the i4, iX, and the most-awaited electric 3 series. Interestingly, BMW also ranks far ahead of other German carmakers.

Enthusiasts may have polarizing opinions on BMW’s designs, but they still prefer the brand. This report’s results prove that people look beyond the design and BMW exceeds in things that matter more. The coming years already look promising for the German luxury brand.

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