BMW Active Sound gives MINI Diesel an artificial V8 sound

BMW introduced another innovation from their Research and Development Center last month: the BMW Active Sound. This technology allows the driver to hear a engine noise in a different manner. BMW Active Sound allows a diesel engine to sound like it is being powered by a high-revving petrol unit when you are driving the vehicle.

There are now two experimental prototypes build by BMW engineers, one is 635d and the other is a Mini Clubman. This Mini Clubman is capable of producing four kinds of engine sounds. The most interesting of all is the old-fashioned V8 engine effect which allows the vehicle to sound like a muscle car.

The effectiveness of the BMW Active Sound is felt by the driver. Most test drivers who handled vehicles with this technology perceive that their car is performing better.

According to BMW’s Manager for Airborne Sound, Acoustics and Vibration Albert Kaltenhauser, this system was specifically made to improve the acoustic characteristics of diesel engines. He said that diesel engines today are efficient, highly effective and has high torque. However, they lack the right sound.

The BMW Active Sound technology allows the diesel engine to finally sound right. Acoustic surroundings are specifically registered in our brains so even just a change in sound, can go a long way with how the driver feels about the performance of the car.

To see how the BMW  technology works, please watch this video of the MINI Clubman prototype with the V8 sound:


Source: Autocar

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