BMW 5 Series ActiveHybrid’s Possible Launch in 2011

According to BMW chief executive Norbert Reithofere, the full-scale production of BMW’s 5 Series ActiveHybrid concept will actualize as early as 2011. The smaller 3-series models will also have the dual-powertrain technology, as disclosed to shareholders at BMW’s annual general meeting in Munich. BMW aims to lower the carbon footprint of their vehicles by 25% in line with rising emission standards from 2008 to 2020.

The 5 Series hybrid was first seen in Geneva last March, where it showcased its ability to be driven entirely in electric mode. While on brake, the technology allows the car to recuperate enough kinetic energy generated by its petrol engine and utilize this energy for its function.

But this is not the first one from the BMW fleet that does this. The BMW ActiveHybrid X6 launched in 2009 also has this technology. The BMW ActiveHybrid 7 luxury saloon will be launched this spring but is larger and only a mild hybrid. Thus, it cannot run on zero-emission electric propulsion by itself.

BMW knows that the demand for hybrids has increased and now has the largest sales in Japan. Non-hybrids are said to be close to extinction there.  Making better hybrids available to the market as soon as possible is in line with BMW’s goal to increase their sales.

BMW plans to sell over 1.3 million vehicles by the end of 2010.

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