Black M Badge Is Coming For New Models

The M division celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. As a surprise, BMW M announced that the Black M badge is coming for new models.

Black M Badge Is Coming For New Models

The three famous stripes with the “most powerful letter in the world” received a new look for the new M cars lineup. However, we already saw the black M badge last year on the Concept XM. The iX M60 will lead the way wearing the new badge. Also, the XM production version will follow suit in the next months.

Good news for traditionalists because the tri-color badge is here to stay. The blue, purple, and red will remain on existing high-performance versions. Only new models of the M family will take the black ///M. The M4 CSL, with its red accents showing its strength, means a shift in BMW M’s contour. Also, iX M60 wears a Titanium Bronze badge contour. This design is probably reserved for M cars with a higher level of luxury.

“The overall future direction for completely new cars is that we have a black M badge, and the existing cars like the M4, for example, will not change. For the next-generation type of cars, that’s where you will see an M badge that is black. Only new platforms and completely new models will get a black badge.” BMW M sales and marketing vice president, Timo Resch, said in an interview.

Black M Badge Is Coming For New Models

Resch also added, “When we look into a future design, we will continue to play around with these colors because they are part of the identity of BMW. They belong to us, and you see them on the race cars. You will see cool ways of using these colors.”

Meanwhile, BMW offers the historic BMW Motorsport symbol on all M Sport and M cars throughout this year. The M4 CSL, M3 Touring, M2, and XM wore this in celebration of BMW M’s 50th anniversary.

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