78 OEM fitments tailor-made by Pirelli for BMW 8 Series lineup

Over the weekend, Pirelli tire maker announced the tailor-made equipment they did for the latest models of the BMW 8 Series Coupe, Gran Coupe, and Convertible. And there were actually a total of 78 original equipment homologations tailor-made for the brand. During the press release, Pirelli asserted the excellent performance and sustainable development of the tires. He added that the tires have low rolling resistance properties, thus, reducing harmful emissions. Marked with a star, the tires are assured developed to meet BMW’s standards. In case of a puncture, the run-flat tires allow for 50 miles at a speed of 50 mph.

Pirelli tailor-made 78 OEM fitments for BMW 8 Series lineup

Well known to the crowd of BMW owners, the P Zero tires especially click with M drivers. In fact, several BMW M8 models come flaunting the high-performance Pirelli P Zero rubbers. For some variants of the 8 Series lineup, we might be getting the Cinturato P7 as standard, which is an all-season tire. According to Pirelli, the design of the Cinturato P7 focuses on safety, providing the driver with superb grip and control. This means that under any road condition – both dry and wet -, the tires exert excellent handling, braking, and reducing hydroplaning.

Pirelli tailor-made 78 OEM fitments for BMW 8 Series lineup

Pirelli also cited some sort of new technology that has a “mechanical intelligence” that can adjust the tires’ behavior according to working temperature. Furthermore, some of the qualities improved by the tire company are road noise and ride comfort.

Pirelli tailor-made 78 OEM fitments for BMW 8 Series lineup

Looking at it, Pirelli did prepare a lot for the BMW 8 Series lineup. The tire homologations offer specific designs perfect for summer and winter. For winter, there’s the Sottozero 3 and the P Zero Winter tires dedicated to the BMW 8 Series.

[Top image: BMW Canada]

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