US Launch of BMW’s iX5 Hydrogen Fleet Set for 2023

BMW has been at the forefront of hydrogen technology research for over two decades. It is keen to prove that the future of cars doesn’t have to be entirely battery-powered. BMW has recently launched the iX5, its latest project in hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. This zero-emission SUV that has already entered production. Named after its new powertrain, the iX5 features two hydrogen tanks located beneath the rear seats and central tunnel.

BMW iX5 Hydrogen in Arjeplog Feb 22

The iX5 has two tanks that hold 6 kilograms of hydrogen, allowing the vehicle to cover a distance of up to 310 miles. The fuel cell generates 170 hp of continuous power output. On the other hand, the fifth-generation eDrive setup brings an additional 227 hp with an electric motor at the rear. The total output is 400 hp, sufficient to propel the iX5 from 0 to 60 mph in less than six seconds, despite being about the same weight as the plug-in hybrid X5.

The iX5 is not the first hydrogen-powered vehicle from BMW; it is part of the company’s global pilot program. BMW has already announced that a fleet of five experimental prototypes will hit US roads by the end of this year. These vehicles initially shipped to California. The state has 81 hydrogen refueling stations, and BMW aims to get as much mileage as possible from this infrastructure. This strategy is reminiscent of BMW’s previous launch of the V12-powered Hydrogen 7, which also took place in California.

BMW is committed to continuing its partnership with Toyota to accelerate development and share associated costs. BMW’s hydrogen technology has come a long way since the first experimental 750hL based on the E38 back in 2000. The iX5 showcases advancements and we anticipate BMW’s hydrogen fuel cell vehicles’ future developments.

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