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Next BMW 5 Series Sedan and Wagon Spied Testing, again


BMW is readying its mid-exec sedan and its derivatives which will be on sale in 2010. A new prototype was caught testing in Munich, Germany recently and its hidden shape suggests BMW is staying with the “flame surfacing” design style that has made them so much money over the past five years.

Codenamed F10, the new Fiver appears to have taken some design elements from the 7 Series as well, while probabilities point to a toned down Bangle/Hooydonk look like the current 3 Series. A slew of engines will appear as always, from petrol/ gasoline-powered naturally aspirated models to turbo petrols and diesels. We expect at least two new engines to make their debuts with 2010 5 Series, the one being a smaller petrol turbo and the other a more potent, bigger turbo.

M Division will also be working flat out to outdo Audi’s new RS 6 whose turbo charged V10 motor of 573 bhp (427kW) is currently top of the power charts as far as the three “usual suspect” Teutons are concerned. M5 will certainly match this, even surpass it. At least 600 bhp will be made, but the question is, can it all be organic or are we going to see the first turbo charged M car?

Such a solution is not out of the question, depending on developments in Formula One, environmental considerations etc. BMW has in the past produced 627 bhp/ 468kW out of a 6.1-litre engine; for the indomitable McLaren F1.


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