BMW’s Roadside Ads: Driving Innovation

BMW drivers relied on RTTI for navigation for years. Now, BMW extends its influence with groundbreaking advertising on video walls near busy roads. Picture this: zipping past, BMW’s i5 ad condenses into a quick sequence; in traffic, it unfolds into extended ads. Powered by BMW’s Highway Assistant, a Level 2+ system for hands-free driving up to 130 km/h.

This first-in-Germany campaign involves BMW, Ströer, iProspect, It Works Group, and NFQ. Over 300 video walls at traffic junctions guarantee exposure. Emphasizing sustainability, LED walls are powered by renewable energy. 

Targeting business drivers, the campaign adapts to normal, slow, or jammed traffic—successful results: 12.5 million contacts through Germany-wide outdoor advertising on bright roadside screens.

Jennifer Treiber-Ruckenbrod, BMW Marketing Germany Head, is thrilled about this. The innovative approach perfectly showcases the BMW i5, capturing attention and communicating vehicle highlights. BMW’s commitment to pushing communication boundaries is evident in this engaging roadside experience.

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