BMW Z4 Sales Skyrocket in the United States

BMW USA is celebrating a triumphant 2023, where the demand for the Z4 surged by an impressive 20.2%, reaching a total of 1,883 cars. The local lineup’s limited availability, featuring the sDrive30i and M40i, played a role in this success. Excitement is brewing for 2024 as the Z4 M40i is set to receive a much-anticipated 6MT option, adding another layer of appeal to the stylish convertible.

While the 2022 Life Cycle Impulse (LCI) brought subtle changes to the Z4, it wasn’t the sole driver behind the remarkable sales spike in 2023. Reports suggest that the G29 generation is slated to end production in March 2026 without a replacement, intensifying the urgency for enthusiasts to consider purchasing one before its potential expiration date.

In the realm of roadster rivalry, the Toyota Supra outsold the BMW Z4 in the United States last year. However, the Supra’s coupe variant experienced a significant 46.4% drop in demand, selling only 2,652 units compared to the previous year, despite the addition of a clutch pedal for the six-cylinder model. 

Both the Z4 and Supra are gearing up for final updates in 2024, with the Z4 M40i receiving a 6MT and the Supra getting a hotter GRMN variant with a BMW engine. Enthusiasts eagerly await more details as the automotive competition unfolds in the coming year.

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