[Video] BMW X5M/X6M Gets New Valved Exhaust Systems by Dinan

The renowned Steven Dinan continues to produce some of the greatest tuning components for BMWs even though he is no longer a member of the same-named tuning company. He now owns and manages CarBahn. Dinan now offers a new exhaust system for the BMW X5 M and X6 M that adds a few horsepower and improves the sound.

Nobody will ever accuse the BMW X5 M or X6 M of being slow. In Competition-spec, their 4.4-litre twin-turbocharged V8 generates 553 lb-ft of torque and 617 horsepower. This allows both SUVs to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in less than four seconds. Although that is exciting, noise is a rather common issue among fans. The S63 engine never had a particularly pleasing sound, although it is strong, refined, and pleasurable to drive. The V8 never had a distinctive sound, not even in the most thrilling car to employ – the BMW M5 CS. Dinan steps in to help with this.

You can get the axle-back, full system, or the x-pipe-only exhaust in a few different configurations. The video by Dinan demonstrates how each setting sounds much better than stock. Of course, the full system is the most intense type of exhaust. Even though it is the loudest and most aggressive, the full system is well-designed enough to be driven daily. But you can just stick with the axle-back setup if you like a quieter, more tasteful growl. The full-beans setup does, however, add six horsepower and five lb-ft.

It has a valved system, like the majority of contemporary aftermarket exhausts. These exhausts can open and close depending on the settings in the car to change the sound level. Thus, the Dinan exhaust will adjust its tune if you click the exhaust button, much like on the stock X5 M or X6 M. Regardless of valve setting, according to Dinan, the system incorporates “drone abatement” technology to keep cabin resonance low. Therefore, hearing it from inside the automobile shouldn’t be too unpleasant.

Customers can choose between black ceramic coated or double-walled polished stainless steel exhaust tips. The tips have a diameter of 4.5 inches in either case. Dinan has consistently produced excellent exhaust systems for BMWs, particularly for V8s. Regardless of the exhaust tip selected, only the axle-back setup is on sale at $2,499.95.

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