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[VIDEO] BMW X7’s Comparison Test With Range Rover Vogue

BMW has created the BMW X7 to take on many enthusiasts of cars that came before the X7, such as the Range Rover and the Mercedes-Benz GLS. Currently, the most powerful SUV of the company is the BMW X7.  As proved by the Luxo-barge from Munich, the BMW X7 can be a hot seller over time. Upon the launching, sales confirmed its status as a best-seller, although the company heard many outcries from car enthusiasts on the internet.

According to reviews, driving dynamics and other critical areas of the BMW X7 are doing better than expected. A massive model like the X7 surprised everyone that did not expect it has a sports car concept. Although many have doubted, the X7 proved them all wrong. But how would the BMW X7 outstand the Ranger? Tiff Needell from the Lovecars decided to find out if the British model is better than the X7.

Lovecars tested Both cars tested for their off-road capabilities. For this reason, the hosts began the test by holding a drag race on the beach with both cars. It is evident in the video that the only one with a low-ratio gear setup is the Rang Rover. To clearly understand the review of both cars, watch the video from Lovecars.

On the other hand, these cars are more likely to be driven, especially in the city and on busy roads. If you look at the model in the video, this is where the X7 shines. Unfortunately, the X7 M50d is no longer in production. It has a 3.0-litre inline six-cylinder diesel with four turbochargers that produce 400 hp and an M Performance chassis that does an excellent job of keeping the weight in check. Watch the video to find out if the X7 can do a bit of off-roading.

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