BMW X7 M50i tuned by Manhart now packs 650 HP

Manhart seems to be taking on each BMW individually to develop an upgrade package. Although it’s only early March, many have already seen six designs from the German tuner. This X7 M50i in the familiar black and gold paint is lucky number seven. If the ALPINA XB7 is not worthy of being called the X7 M replacement, the MXH7 650 might be.

BMW X7 M50i tuned by Manhart now packs 650 hp

As the name suggests, the full-size luxury SUV has been tuned to 650 horsepower. It’s not as if the standard V8 is wimpy, given that the twin-turbo 4.4-litre engine produces 530 horsepower even in base trim. In the XB7, it’s even 621 horsepower. The same goes for torque, which Manhart increased from 750 Nm to 950 Nm. The ALPINA is limited to “only” 800 Nm (590 lb-ft) to refresh your memory.

BMW X7 M50i tuned by Manhart now packs 650 hp

Moreover, the BMW X7 got more power by making software changes to the N63 engine and connecting it to a bespoke sports system. It features quad carbon-fibre trim and a valve control system that allows you to change the sound of the V8 engine in an instant. According to Manhart, it is possible to remove the particulate filter for the X7 M50i, which comes with the OPF in Europe.

The tuner not only focuses on the engine but makes the X7 M50i look, even more intimidating with 23-inch wheels. They have a multi-spoke structure with black and gold spokes and gold disc brakes on the rear axle. In addition, the wheels are fitted with 295/35 R23 tires and have a 25 mm lower ride height than the air suspension.

Manhart used the colour of the precious metal for all badges. And the retro-style sticker on the windscreen to enhance the luxurious effect. The final item on the agenda was to equip BMW’s largest SUV with carbon fibre details. They can be found at the front for the spoiler with its winglets and at the rear for the diffuser. Lastly, the modification used transparent carbon fibre for the covers of the side mirrors.

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