[VIDEO] What Makes BMW X5 Black Vermilion Unique?

There is no doubt that BMW X5 is close to being the perfect premium luxury SUV. But BMW had better plans. This video will show what makes BMW X5 Black Vermilion unique from its other siblings.

BMW decided to offer a limited edition of the X5 based on the X5 SAV and X6 SAC features. These exclusive luxury SUVs are now the current BMW X5 and X6 Black Vermilion. The BMW X5 Vermilion in the video came from St. Louis. To display the unique features of this X5, BMW mandated its local Autohaus BMW to set up the photo shoot.

Outside, its stunning double kidney grille with red bars already makes it look more aggressive. These red bars contrasted well with BMW’s Frozen Black metallic individual finish. Also, the front end features the M headlights Shadow Line, featuring BMW laser light and accented lighting with a blue X signature.

Included in the basic features of the X5 Black Vermilion are the M high-gloss Shadow Line and the 22-inch Orbit Grey matte finished double-spoke 742 M light-alloy wheels. Indeed, all these complete the eye-catching exterior of the limited edition SUV.

What makes BMW X5 Black Vermilion’s interior unique is mainly the set of red high-gloss M Sport brake calipers. The M Alcantara Anthracite roof liner, the Edition logo on the cupholder’s cover, and the black piano finish also emphasize why the models are limited editions. Red accents adorned the rear seats while a red finish covered the front and rear floor mats. All these complement the black finish of the luxury SUV’s interior.

The video above features more of the unique characteristics of the BMW X5 Black Vermilion. Surely, after watching the video, it will be obvious why BMW only chose to release limited units of the premium luxury SUV. Watch the video and see if you agree!

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