2024 BMW X5 Diesel Shines in Latest Snapshots

In June 2023, the ACEA reported types of diesel accounted for 13.4% of new car sales. Meanwhile, EVs hit a 15.1% market share, surpassing types of diesel in Europe. Notably, hybrids, excluding PHEVs, led the race with a 24.3% share.

BMW sticks to its “Power of Choice” stance, offering the X5 in gasoline, diesel, and hybrid variants. While a fully electric version isn’t available, they’ll steer you to the emission-free iX. For diesel enthusiasts in 2023, a Tanzanite Blue xDrive30d graces a new Bavarian Forest photo.

BMW intends to sell the G05 model for another 2-3 years before launching its fifth-generation replacement. They introduced the X5 LCI earlier this year, and the successor, rumoured to be codenamed G65, should begin production in late 2026. By then, the Euro 7 standard will mandate more electrification.

It’s uncertain if there’ll be a demand for diesel then. BMW offers a more potent diesel X5 variant, the xDrive40d. The quad-turbo M50d was available until 2020, including a Final Edition for the X7 M50d.

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