BMW Starts Production For 2023 BMW X1

BMW starts production for the upcoming BMW X1 at its Regensburg factory. The third-gen X1 is now entering the assembly line as we speak.


BMW’s Regensburg factory in Germany is building four types of powertrains for the X1. The compact crossover will arrive with gasoline, diesel, plug-in hybrid, and electric designs. Indeed, as BMW starts production for the X1, the German factory looks busy in these official photos.

The standard diesel and gasoline-powered versions will hit the market first in October. Of course, Germans are the first ones to see these conventional models. Then, a month later, the X1 xDrive25e and xDrive30e plug-in hybrid models will follow. These hybrids will debut in the market with the zero-emissions, iX1. Moreover, BMW will also add a sportier version to its smallest crossover. It will introduce the first-ever M Performance model in 2023; the X1 M35i.

BMW Starts Production For 2023 BMW X1 2

The featured X1 in these photos is packed with the M Sport Package. It is also painted in matte Frozen Pure Grey. This model represents the first entry-level crossover to have an Individual paint. BMW also debuts its new Cape York Green color through the new X1.

BMW is giving its customers a choice between FWD and AWD. In addition, these configurations come with a dual-clutch, seven-speed automatic transmission. Magna developed all these features, so it sounds amazing.

Customers who are looking for more oomph will have to wait for the M35i. This version will have at least 300 hp, but still an automatic. Still, the first M Performance cars with a quad exhaust are the main star. Though fans will have to wait for more before it’s out in the market.

Alternatively, the next-gen MINI Countryman looks like a funkier version of the X1. Still, the brand is not selling its Cooper SE ALL 4 plug-in any more. Instead, it plans to debut a full-electric model as the iX1 model’s sister.

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