BMW Reveals The 2023 BMW X1 Base Model

Carmakers often display a fully loaded version of their new car on its debut. The same with the German luxury brand as BMW reveals the 2023 BMW X1 base model in the configurator.

BMW Reveals The 2023 BMW X1 Base Model

BMW boasts its new cars in multiple trim configurations like everyone else. However, BMW presents these configurations on the more expensive side compared to the base model. Fortunately, our favorite carmaker now shares the base models of their new cars from its debut. We see this with the base model of the BMW X1 displayed on BMW’s configurator.

The BMW X1 is a front-wheel drive that features a three-cylinder sDrive18. Some say its small wheels and cloth seats are not worthy of the luxurious badge. However, it looks fairly good as the most affordable entry-level crossover. Although it definitely is not the “ace of base”, the X1 shows how far this model has come.

BMW Reveals The 2023 BMW X1 Base Model

Even an entry-level gets a digital instrument cluster and a seven-speed, dual-clutch automatic transmission. The X1 owner will also get 136 hp on tap from a 1.5-liter engine. Of course, this speed is not for the Nurburgring, but it’s enough for the X1 driver.

BMW reveals the 2023 BMW X1 base model in black. Other paints will have an additional price like the Alpine White, Storm Bay, and Frozen Pure Grey. The X1 also comes with 17-inch wheels that you can upgrade to up to 20-inch wheels.

BMW Reveals The 2023 BMW X1 Base Model

2023 BMW X1 will not grace the United States but will arrive in Europe starting from October. Buyers can also choose between two gasoline or diesel engines. We expect a pair of plug-in hybrid versions and two mild-hybrid powertrains to follow. Nevertheless, fans are excited for the electric iX1 and the first-ever M Performance model of XI, the X1 M35i. Stay tuned for BMW’s new X1 lineup!

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