[Video] Watch BMW M Models showcase their iconic M Sound

Electric cars are sure the future of the automotive industry. However, the future they propose does not look as promising, but it’s not at all because of their performance. We know for a fact that some electric cars can outperform regular internal combustion engines. But for most car enthusiasts, their main issue is not on the performance but the lack of sound. Over the years, we’ve gotten so familiar with acoustic grumble and feedback when it comes to the overall experience. Without it surely feels empty.

The video we have today showcases the acoustic grumble of the impressive group of BMW M models. These cars are leaving a car meet dedicated to Bavarian machines. We should start treasuring moments like this as they might become rare in the coming future. Or even illegal to some degree. BMW models are revving their engine as they leave, and all the sound they make just feels thrilling. Obviously, everyone enjoys it as plenty of camera guys are around to capture them and their cool cars in the process.

Additionally, in this video, we get to compare some of the most popular and iconic BMW M division has ever made. The BMW X5 M starts the video, with its 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 S63 engine. It seems like it is sporting an Akrapovic exhaust. It’s really an M cartel as more models keep pouring in. It practically looks like a slideshow of how the straight sixes have evolved. From the iconic and yet disappointing sounding BMW E46 M3, with its S54 straight-six, to the S55-powered BMW F82 M4 and S58 G82 M4.

Then, comes the V8s. Several S63s can be heard, on anything from M6 models to SUVs. There’s also the S65 carried by some E92 M3s. One of the crowd’s favourite is the S62 4.9-litre V8 from the E39 M5. The M cartel really prepared with an amazing line-up. Although some cars are missing, they still showcased the BMW M class so great. So, which one is your favourite overall?

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