[VIDEO] Used and Cheap but Still Great BMWs You Can Have

Finding an affordable used car today is almost close to impossible. The car market changed, making old cars more expensive than ever. In this video, Auto Alex presents used and cheap but still great BMWs you can afford.

The first bimmer is Alex’s E53 BMW X5, the first-ever X5 gen. The classic X5 still looks amazing in Siena Red paint. Its interior is wrapped in tan and the exterior is in a good condition too. Considering that it had a bad crash before, this E53 still looks great. Of course, it has some issues but these do not affect the car’s function. Alex need not change a lot on this bimmer for it to work just fine.

Alex’s other car featured in this video is an E46 BMW 3 Series Touring. This 3er Touring is a one-of-one car in the UK painted in Techno Violet. It also has a tan or light brown interior, which is quite a combination with the exterior’s color.

Still, everyone loves the Techno Violet on the BMW 3 Series Touring! The car looks charming, well, except for some rust. It also seems to be a great drive. Alex indeed owned some gems.

Aside from the incredible visuals, Alex bought these for extremely cheap prices. Considering that his bimmers both look great and drive as fun as they can, the deal is incredible. Of course, these BMWs are old and used. They will have more issues in the years to come. But they are still great to own and drive in their current state. 

Alex surely had great deals for his bimmers. If you are looking for used and cheap but still great BMWs, these can be your choices. Check out the video and see these great bimmers for yourself. And tell us your thoughts about it!

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