[VIDEO] Doug DeMuro reviews the new BMW M4 Competition

Doug DeMuro releases yet another video review of the BMW M3 and M4. DeMuro already released his review of the BMW M3 but later followed up for the BMW M4 Competition. Doug DeMuro drives the new BMW M4 Competition giving his insights and comparison to the M3. Check out for more details on his new video from his second channel, More Doug DeMuro.

Doug DeMuro drives a standard version of the BMW M3 with a 473 horsepower and a manual transmission. De Muro states that the automatic spoils a bit of the fun as the M4 Competition comes packed in 503 horsepower yet automatic transmission. 

However, DeMuro enjoys driving the new BMW M4 Competition overall. He claims that it is better than the outgoing F82 M4’s handling. DeMuro stated that the steering is tight and sharp. The weight of the M4 Competition left some fans worried as it might ruin the fun. It seemed that the extra weight was manageable by BMW M, and it is still promising to hear such praise.

The BMW M4 Competition is comfortable, quiet, and easy to drive when driven at highway speed. It is also shockingly pricey. BMW M4’s suspension is a bit firm but considering that it is an M car.

BMW did well on the M3 CS borders perfection with its adaptive dampers. So, the comfort mode of the M4 Competition should help sort that out with BMW’s adaptive dampers as well. The BMW M4 Competition could be an everyday sports car. Combining that high-class technology, performance, and a remarkable amount of comfort, the M4 could be of good use.

DeMuro stated in his video that the manual transmission and less powerful version of the car is a better choice. Electrification will take over soon enough and possibly leave the three-pedal gearbox behind. There might be no other M3 or M4 again. Having the chance to get a BMW M3 or M4 in rear-wheel-drive by now is something to be treasured. It is also the only car offered in manual transmission in its segment.

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