[VIDEO] Check out Two More Secret BMW M CSL Models

BMW recently invited a small group of reporters into its CSL garage, which houses some of the most exclusive prototypes the German carmaker has ever built. E46 M3 CSL V8, M2 CSL, E60 M5 CSL, and E63 M6 CSL were the four models BMW unveiled at the show. Top Gear has released a new video that gives us a closer look at the latter two cars than ever before.

We have never seen anything like it, and it’s interesting. On the number plate of the E60 M5 CSL, for example, there was a vent. The cooling air intake of the V10 can be seen through the ventilation grille of the number plate holder. The M5 CSL has a better-integrated air intake than the asymmetrical air intake of the E46 M3 CSL. This is really cool.

In the M6 CSL, you can see how much weight BMW has saved by reducing the size of the cabin. The M6 is a comfortable GT car, but the cabin was decluttered to save weight. So it had lightweight door panels and a completely bare centre console. Although BMW kept the heavy standard seats, they would almost certainly have been replaced when the car came on the market. Thanks to its active front splitter and rear wing, the M6 CSL would have been the first M car with active aerodynamics.

In this video, we take a close-up look at two fascinating BMWs from the company’s past. It’s a shame BMW did not produce them because both would have been fantastic cars in their day had they been produced.

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