[VIDEO] BMW M3 and M4 Engine Sound Disclosed

BMW made an end to the S55 engine in the M3 and M4 for the newer S58 engine. Most of the fans were happy. The S55 engine, overall, is not that bad but the sound of the engine lacks some character. It is because of the BMW M3 and M4’s exhaust note. BMW found a way to have that pleasing engine sound from the S55 in the new M2 Competition. However, the S58 engine sound in BMW M3 and M4 turned out great. Check out for more details in this new video of BMW M.

BMW features a new technology that is quite useful. Through the iDrive screen, adjustments for the sound level of the engine is possible. The engine sound for BMW M3 and M4 is tuned to provide a more classic BMW straight-six sound. It has equal length exhaust pipes, valve adjustment, and an asymmetrical header to enable fine-tuning of the sound in any situation. The sound is heavily affected by the exhaust manifold’s geometry. With the S55 engine changed to S58, the power has increased to 510hp and needed larger pipes. BMW M3 and M4’s straight-six-sound-like engine will make BMW fans happy to hear.

Driving around town in Sport Plus mode with the exhaust fully open makes a lot of noise. Everything else can still be extra sporty with the new BMW M3 and M4 by putting the exhaust to a quiet mode. It is quite useful if you are into that sporty feeling without waking the neighbors with a loud noise. There are no words on speaker augmentation for the exhaust noise as of now. 

The sound of the BMW M3 in the video is more growly and raspier than the previous-gen M3. It turned out to be automotive music to the ears and is surprisingly good. 

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