[VIDEO] 2022 BMW M240i reviewed by The Straight Pipes

The BMW M240i is likely to be the last 2 Series with an internal combustion engine, something that car enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting. So far, in the brand’s small coupe models, the M240i has one of the most impressive performances. This clearly shows that BMW has probably saved the best for last. On the other hand, it is not enough to have an outstanding performance. The model must also provide an effortless driving experience. Just being exceptional on the spec sheet does not make it a great sports car.

To find out if it is a worthy successor to the last generation car, The Straight Pipes tests the BMW M240i in their new video. The hosts gave a split decision when it comes to the M240i’s style. One of the hosts said that the upgrade of its exterior looks much better than the previous generation. The enthusiast community’s opinion regarding the M240i’s design can somehow be seen from the two hosts’ opposite opinions. 

Otherwise, no one can deny the M240i’s brutal performance. 382 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque are packed into its monstrous 3.0 turbocharged inline-six. The M240i can almost certainly beat a 4.1 second or 0 to 60 mph sprint time. Even without the option of a manual gearbox, the car still gives a fun driving experience because of its quick gear changes. In fact, it feels quick most of the time. It’s easier to control than the previous model, with impressive balance and razor-sharp steering

Nevertheless, the BMW M240i is still a car with flaws when it comes to driving. Its gearbox can hang up a little when downshifting. Another flaw is BMW’s typical lack of good steering feel in modern cars. These minor problems of the BMW 240i are bearable for some car enthusiasts, but not for others.

The BMW M240i offers nearly unmatched performance in its segment. So for its price, it seems that the BMW M240i as a whole is an impressive car. 

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