Is the BMW M4 Competition Better than the BMW M440i?

Many enthusiasts wonder if the new BMW M4 Competition is worth the extra $30,000 to $40,000 more than its sibling M440i. Badges like M and AMG seem to market more than anything else, making future car owners wonder why. It happens especially when considering what the BMW M440i xDrive can offer, such as its less than 4-second launch. The M440i also has better traction in bad weather and a fascinating noise. Top Gear decides to make a small comparison of both the BMW M440i xDrive and the new BMW M4 Competition. Only a test between the two to find out.

Is the BMW M4 Competition Better than the BMW M440i

Ollie Kew from Top Gear runs a long-term BMW M440i xDrive test car. With a ton of time spent behind its wheels, Ollie knows the weaknesses and strengths of the M440i. Taking the BMW M4 Competition, both vehicles come with noticeable differences. Yet, not all of it was good.

For instance, the grilles of the M4 is one of its most distinct features as it comes with the same grilles from the 4 Series. Its grilles come larger on the M4 that seems to be unnecessary than what is needed. The M4’s interior is also less comfortable the moment one sits in it. The new BMW M4 Competition is stiffer, louder, and more aggressive than the M440i xDrive. Not only that the M badges are just for marketing, but it also distinguishes an entirely different car.

Is the BMW M4 Competition Better than the BMW M440i 1

The BMW M4 Competition is not just a high-priced 4 Series. It makes more with its proper performance machine, coming with all of the tradeoffs of buying such a car. With its more noise, less comfort, more aggressive feel, and far better performance, it is still a great car to get your hands on. Only if that is what future M owners are looking for. The M440i will not make the same feeling as on the M4. So, is it worth the extra buck? Probably yes, if you are into a more aggressively styled car. However, if you only want a good-looking, fast, and two-door daily driver, then you might as well consider getting the BMW M440i.

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