BMW’s Triple Reveal: M2, M3 CS, XM at ///M Town 2023 in Singapore

For the first time, BMW Asia masterminded a unique event: the fictional ///M Town. It sprung to life at the deserted Pasir Panjang Power Station, an exclusive venue by invitation only. More than 600 guests marvelled at both classic and novel M products. Among the highlights were the fresh M2 G87, M3 CS, and XM models. They also paid homage to the iconic 3.0 CSL (E9), the splendid M635CSi (E24), and the classic M3 CSL (E46). Each was a nod to BMW’s rich automotive legacy.

The exceptional 1M (E87) and the highly-anticipated M3 Touring (G81) added to the blend of classic and contemporary. Interestingly, the super wagon retails at S$560,888, about $415,000. This is one of the world’s highest prices, thanks to Singapore’s hefty taxes. The second-generation M2 holds a similar steep tag, beginning at a startling S$499,888, or close to $370,000.

BMW Asia remains tight-lipped about the M3 CS’s projected sales in Singapore. However, the hefty price tag of S$872,888, approximately $645,000, is known. Our sources indicate a global production of 1,700 to 2,000 units for this high-performance sedan. If demand outpaces supply, BMW might make a few more – provided they have enough production capacity. We expect the M4 CS in 2024, a distinctive two-door coupe with presumed non-laser headlights.

BMW’s popularity remains high in nations with hefty auto tariffs, proving its strategy effective amidst styling debates and divisive models like the XM. The M division teases a 2024 comeback for the M5 Touring, hinting at more exciting products to come. They’ve also introduced the X1 M35i, the crossover’s debut M Performance model, and given the M Lite touch to the dual-motor M60 for the electric i5.

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