[VIDEO] Check out the updates on BMW Z3 M Coupe

Compared to other BMWs, the Z3 M Coupe’s peculiarity is a big part of its appeal. Everyone agrees that the exterior appearance of the BMW Z3 M is visually stunning. Evolve Automotive in the UK is not the only one taken with the unusually shaped M vehicle. They have owned it for 13 years and decided to buy it again this year.

They have a unique M fitted with H&R coilover suspension to make the car more road-hugging. To achieve a more aggressive driving style, Evolve opted for H&R coilovers only. Mounted on both axles are BBS LM wheels with an 18-inch diameter and Michelin tyres. At the rear, the Pilot Sport 4 has a dimension of 265/35 ZR18, while the front rims have 225/35 ZR18. According to Evolve, the aftermarket companies have not paid as much attention to the Z3 M Coupe as they should have in terms of suspension fitment. So if you own one of the 6,791 BMW cars produced, you do not have much choice when it comes to replacement parts.

The Z3 M Coupe, which is one of the smallest Ms at 4,025mm long, looks fantastic with the new hardware. Evolve’s car is one of the last examples produced and is powered by the S54 from the M3 E46 rather than the S50 from the M3 E36. The fact that BMW only produced 1,112 examples of the more powerful variant means that their car is relatively unusual.

As a result of the changes, the steering and suspension are noticeably more precise, although not overly harsh. More changes are planned for this Z3 M Coupé, so it’s still a work in progress. Since the current configuration requires a lot of work from the driver, a new steering rack is installed.

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